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Service 25 Yards


‘Service 25' is another variation of 'Service Pistol' but shot at distances from 25 yards, 10 yards and up to 7 yards.
The match uses smaller Rapid Fire targets and requires a short barrel revolver of 4”.
Calibres allowed are .32-.38/.357, and consists of 65 shots.
Semi automatics are allowed up to 5”.

Revolvers can have hammer spurs bobbed. Original factory sights. Adjustable grips are not allowed. Holsters are not used, but power factor does apply.

Each shooter uses a set of 5 targets. Reloading is from the pocket—speed loaders etc and spare magazines are prohibited.
Shooters load only 5 rounds at a time, not 6.
Australian National Record 641.

Bank of 5 Rapid fire targets per shooter

Service Pistol & Service Pistol Unrestricted


Pistol Australia control 'Service Pistol' matches - which were developed in Australia.
The match is shot over a variety of distances from 50 yards to 7 yards using a centrefire handgun.
Revolvers and semi automatics are allowed.

Calibres are from 9rnm to .38 .357 and consists of 90 shots with the gun held in two hands
(usually) from various positions:
    •    Lying on the stomach (prone)
    •    Kneeling or sitting
    •    Leaning against one side of a post using the right hand, then
    •    Leaning against the left side of a post using the left hand
    •    Standing and using one hand only
    •    Standing, two hands, fast shooting.
    •    Shooting unsighted (no aiming)

Each shooter has a set of 4 targets. There are restrictions on power factor for the ammunition and the gun is drawn from a holster for which a P.A. holster accreditation is required.

Revolvers can have hammer spurs removed i.e. bobbed. Adjustable grips are allowed.
'Service Unrestricted' is a variation of 'Service Pistol'.

The match runs the same way but there are less restrictions on the gun and ammunition. (No power factor)
Calibres allowed are .32-.38 and there are no holsters used.
Australian record 884 Service – 896 Service U/R
Service target 78x47cm 10 ring 100x150mm