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The WA1500' stands for World Association 1500 and this organisation controls the matches internationally.
It is very similar to Service Pistol. Whereas Service Pistol is Australian, WA1500 is an international match.

The match requires a revolver (.32-.38) or semi automatic (.35, 9mm - .38calibre).
Each shooter has one target at a time (replaced several times during the match) and 150 shots
are fired for a possible' score of 1500. The distances are used at least twice during the match
i.e. 7 yards, to 15, to 25, to 50 back to 25, back to 7 then to 25 then 50 and back to 25 yards.
At some ranges this requires a lot of walking and picking up shell casings (some ranges require the shooters to walk to the stationary targets, at other ranges the targets move to the shooters).

There is a division for semi automatic pistols and one for revolvers, but both can be shot together.
Scoring includes recording the X ring. You will see scores listed as, for example, 1487 92X.
This means a score of 1487 and the shooter hit the X ring 92 times. It is used to break ties.
Australian National record is 1500 Revolver 1489 90X,1500 Pistol 1482 89X

WA1500 target 58x112cm 10 ring=100x150mm

WA1500 48


'WA1500' also has a 48-shot category.

Currently in Australia the '48 Shot' match is shot as a side match' allowing clubs to define local rules for the competition.
These include allowances for custom sights.

As with WA1500 and Service Pistol there are many similarities between 48 Shot' match and 'Service 25'.

Both use a short barrelled gun over 25 yards.

As the name indicates 48 shots are fired but the target is one target per shooter.
Pistols and revolvers are used and shot from the holster.

The Service target is often used in place of the WA1500 targets though the 6-ring is not used.

Service target 78x47ctm - 10 ring 100x15hmm