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black powder

Black Powder 25m


The 25m (Aggregate) Black Powder event combines both precision and rapid-fire, in two stages each of 20 shots:

Distance: 25 metres
Calibre:    maximum ·46 calibre, cap and ball revolver

Precision Stage
Number of shots/time:    20 shots, in four series of 5 shots, each series is 12 minutes

Precision Stage, target:  10 ring of 50 mm diameter, each ring increases by 50 mm

After all competitors have completed the Precision Stage, they then fire the Rapid Fire Stage.


Rapid Fire Stage
Number of shots/time:      20 shots, in four series of 5 shots.

Each series consists of 5 exposures of the target, each exposure is for 3 seconds; the shooter fires one shot per exposure.
Rapid Fire Stage, target:  10 ring of 100 mm wide x 150 mm high, each ring increases by 100 mm.

Australian National record 386
This target is 55cm by 55cm and is at a distance of 25m stationary.   This target is 78cm by 48cm and is at a distance of 25m turning.

Black Powder 50m


The 50m Black Powder event is based on the ISSF 50m Pistol match reduced to 40 shots:
Distance: 50 metres
Calibre: maximum ·46 calibre, cap and ball
Number of shots/time: 40 shots in four series of 10 shots, each series is 30 minutes. The PA Black Powder Target is used for this event.

Australian national record 380

Target size 55 x 55cm


Black Powder 13 Shot Event (International)


The 13-shot event provides a 13-shot event for virtually every type of black powder ‘cap and ball’ pistols.
Although this is an event of 13 shots, only the ten best scoring shots are counted for the shooter’s score.

There are four suggested ‘categories’: Replica single-shot, Fixed-sight revolver, Adjustable-sight revolver, and Modern single-shot pistol.
Pistols must be black powder:
Distance: 25 metres
Number of shots/time: 13 shots in 30 minutes

Precision targets are used for this match.
52cm by 52cm and is at a distance of 25m stationary