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ISSF (International Sport Shooting Federation)

International Sport Shooting Federation control all shooting at the Commonwealth and Olympic games).

All ISSF events require the shooter to stand stationary at the firing line and shoot using one hand only.

Standard Pistol
ISSF Standard Pistol is shot with a .22LR pistol at a range of 25 metres at a Precision Target.
While it is possible to use a revolver, it is quite difficult to fire 5 shots in 10 seconds. A semi automatic is much easier to fire 5 shots in the 10 seconds series.

Each shooter has one target. There are three timed series
5 shots in 150 seconds (repeated 3 more times),
5 shots in 20 seconds (repeated 3 more times)
5 shots in 10 seconds (repeated 3 more times).
This is for a total of 60 scoring shots.

National record is 580 from 600

Precision target 52x52cm
10-ring= 50mm


Rapid Fire Pistol

ISSF Rapid Fire Pistol is shot with a .22LR semi automatic pistol at a range of 25metres.
Each shooter has a set of 5 Rapid Fire targets and in each 5 shot series one shot is fired at
each target.

There are 3 stages-each with different times; 8 seconds, 6 seconds and 4 seconds.
Shooters commence with the gun held in one hand down at 45 degrees.
5 shots are fired in 8 seconds - one shot on each of 5 targets (then repeated).
Next there are 5 shots in 6 seconds - on five targets (then repeated).
Then there are 5 shots in 4 seconds (then repeated).
This half of 30 shots is then repeated for the second half, usually after a lane or range change - for a total of 60 shots.

Australian National record is 580 out of 600

Bank of 5 Rapid fire targets per shooter

Centre Fire and 25m Pistol.    
Centrefire and Rimfire cases .22 LR Pistol  
ISSF Centrefire is for men (usually) while the ISSF 25 metre Pistol match is designed for women but shot at many clubs by men also.
Both matches are identical other than Centrefire is for calibres over .32 up to .38 and 25m Pistol uses .22LR
Either revolvers or semi automatics are suitable.                         

The match is fired over 25 metres in two halves - one half using Precision Targets, the other half using Rapid Fire Targets.
The first half allows 5 shots to be fired at one target in 5 minutes (repeated 5 times for 30 shots).
The second half allows 1 shot to be fired every 3 seconds—in groups of 5 shots.
This is repeated 5 times for 30 shots. There is a total of 60 shots overall for the match.
This is a good match in that you can shoot a .22 and a Centre Fire pistol on the same day, when the match is run twice.
Australian National record is 588 for Centre Fire and 588 for 25m Pistol all out of a possible 600

Precision target 52 x 52cm      

10 ring = 50mm.  

Rapid Fire target 52 x 52cm.    
10 ring = 110mm.    


50m Pistol.    

50m Pistol is a 60- shot precision match on a 50metre range using a .22LR pistol at a Precision Target. While specialist 'free pistols' are usually used, it is possible to use any .22 pistol loading one shot at a time. You identify these pistols by their unique appearance; often a free-floating barrel and a full wraparound grip.
The match is shot using one hand within 2 hours.

Australian National record is 565 out of 600

Precision Target 52 x 52cm.

Air Pistol.    

Air Pistol is a precision match of 60 shots for men and women in 105 minutes, using a .177 calibre air pistol over a distance of 10 metres.
Most clubs have an air pistol for members use, it is the ideal training environment, so give it a try.
Australian National record is 585 /600 Men, and 572 /600 Women, 390 /400 for Women.

10 ring = 11.5mm