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Metallic Silhouette shooting is a series of target shooting matches that involve shooting at metal cutouts of rams, pigs, chickens and turkeys cut to different scales and set at varying distances from the competitor depending on the specific match.


Small Bore Metallic Silhouette

Rimfire matches are shot with .22 rimfire ammunition over 50m and/or over 100m. 

The 50m match is shot at Palmerston Pistol Club

In the 50m match, chicken silhouettes are set at 20m, pigs at 30m, turkeys at 40m and rams at 50m. 

Most 50m ISSF ranges are suitable for this match and ISSF pistols can be used.

In the 100m match, chicken silhouettes are set at 25m, pigs at 50m, turkeys at 75m and rams at 100m. 

Some ISSF pistols are suitable, but pistols specifically designed for the match are generally better.

All targets should be made from various types of hardened steel to avoid projectile damage and steel thickness varies depending on the type of match.

Targets are set up in groups of 5 known as “Banks” with a silhouette’s width between each. 

Banks are laid out at the required distance for each specific match and each bank must be shot in 2 minutes in order from left to right.